Full automatic Weighing Packing

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Vertical packaging system for Industrial production

• Automatic Weigher Stand Up Packing Machine

• Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

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Automatic Weigher Stand Up Packing Machine


Applicable for weighing of granular or small dose products with good flowability such as confectionery/peanuts/snack/chips nut/jelly/ flakes/cookies/bakery/ coffee beans/ Pet foods/ dry granule or Furniture, Toys, Fasteners, Electrical, Stationery, Pipe, Vehicle etc industry.



• Mold hoppers can be change with each other

• High speed stagger dump function

• User-friendly help menu in touch screen contributes to easy operation

• 100 programs for multiple tasks

• Program recovery function can reduce operation failure

• High precision digital load cell

• Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine


Suitable for many kinds of measuring equipment and package different kinds of products, such as puffy food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar and salt etc. Which shape is roll, slice and granule


• PLC control with stable reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touch screen.

• Bag-making measuring , filling, printing , cutting and finished in one operation.

• Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic control and power control. Noise is low.

• Film-pulling with servo motor double belt : less pulling resistance, bag is formed in good shape with better appearance. Belt is resistant to be worn-out.

• External film releasing mechanism : simpler and easier installation of packing film.


Equipped with exhaust device, printer, labeling machine, transfer conveyor and weight checker makes it better.

How to know the packing item is used with Linear Weigher or Multi-head Weigher?


Linear Weigher

Multi-Head Weigher

High Accuracy


Fast Weighting Speed


Low Cost


Max, Weighting



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