Real-time printing labeling machine

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Widely used in electronics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, and other industries, online access, can be matched to inline to achieve online printing, the flow of products for real-time printing and automatic labeling. Realization of unmanmade printing and labeling production plus the automatic vertical packaging at the same time.

Production materials, serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting codes, electronic regulatory codes, packaging materials. Transportation data and sales channel information can be printed and attached to the product by real-time printing and labeling system on production pipeline.

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The labeling machine is controlled by PLC, stepper motor drive. Touch screen is easy to operate.

The data setting adopts storage group mode design. Different model label details (such as labeling speed and labeling quantity ) can be switched from the group conveniently.

Through the sensor detection product, after PLC processing the signal, the marking position of the label can be modified by setting parameters.

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