How will packaging machinery develop in the future?

1. Simple and convenient

The future packaging machinery must have multi-functional, simple adjustment and manipulation conditions, computer-based intelligent instruments will become food packaging machine, bag tea packaging machine, nylon triangle bag packaging machine controller new trend. OEM manufacturers and ultimate consumers will tend to buy easy-to-manipulate and easy-to-install packaging machinery, especially with the current mass layoffs in manufacturing, and the demand for easy-to-manipulate systems will grow. Structural motion control, etc. is related to the performance of packaging machinery, can be done through motors, encoders and digital control (NC), power load control (PLC) and other high-precision controllers. Therefore, in order to gain a place in the future packaging market, efficient customer service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions.


2. High productivity

Packaging machinery manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the development of fast, low-cost packaging equipment, the future trend is smaller equipment, more flexible, multi-purpose, high efficiency. This trend also includes saving time and reducing capital, so the packaging industry is looking for modular, concise, removable packaging equipment.


3. Supporting

Only pay attention to host production, regardless of the complete supporting equipment, will make the packaging machinery should not play the function. Therefore, the development of supporting equipment, so that the host function to get the greatest expansion, is the progress of equipment market competitiveness and economic vital factors. Germany in the production of automatic lines or production line equipment for users to pay attention to complete set of integrity, whether it is high-tech added value or simpler equipment categories, are provided according to the requirements of matching.


4. Intelligent high automation

Relevant industry insiders believe that the future packaging machinery industry will be in line with the trend of industrial automation, technology development will be in four directions:

1), The mechanical function is diversified. Industrial and trade products have tended to refine and diversify, in the context of changes in the general environment, diversification, elasticity and a variety of switching functions of packaging machines can adapt to market demand.

2), The structure design standardization, modularization. Make full use of the original model modular design, you can convert new models in a short period of time.

3), Control intelligence. At present, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC power load controller, although PLC elasticity is very large, but still does not have a computer (including software) has a powerful function.

4), The structure of high precision. Structural design and structural motion control, etc. are related to the performance of packaging machinery, can be done through motors, encoders and digital control (NC), power load control (PLC) and other high-precision controllers, and moderate product extension, towards the direction of high-tech industry packaging equipment research and development.

Post time: Nov-17-2021